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Proposal for Chery Engine

Chery 1.0 (2003-2019)

Chery 2.0 (2009-2024)

Chery 3.0 (2018---)

Chery 4.0 (---)

Power Zhoue
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chery Engine


Powertrain Chery


G1 product Gen l

Powertrain Xian
  • 2003
  • 2010
  • 2020
  • G3 Product GEN |||
  • 2030

Surgent Power Performance

Taking leading position in competitive good of same level, wide torque output range provide solid torque reserve for acceleration and thrilling dynamic experience.

Peak torque of general engine, 275Nm, maximum power, 140KW (190 horsepower), rival the 3.0 V6NA engine.

Peak torque of performance upgraded version can reach 320Nm, with the maximum power of 160KW (218 horsepower)

Outstanding Economic and Power Energy

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“China VI” Emission

  • Cicle carFirst proprietary brand injection gasoline engine satisfies “China VI” Emission Standard.
  • Powertrain CircleParticulate emission level is better than that in the same industry.


1.6TGDI Platform

Powertrain Platform

Technological Platformization

Other derivative models: Miller cycle, Hybrid power...

Derivative Development

High performance version
1.6TGDI (160kW)

Sharing Production Line

Triple-cylinder engine
1.2TGDI (110kW)


1.5T Turbocharged Engine

powertrain Engine
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Cylinder head integrates exhaust manifold technology, intake manifold integrates water-cooled intercooler technology, and electronic thermostat technology

The maximum power is 112KW, and the maximum torque at 2000 rpm is 205N・m


Ingenious spatial arrangement, allowing for highly-efficient turbocharging Quick responsive pressure-charging, strengthening the acceleration response of the entire car

More precise water temperature control, improving the combustion and lowering fuel consumption and emission


It is very dangerous to have oncoming vehicles in your opposite direction when you are overtaking other cars in a narrow lane. The strong power and torque of TIGGO 7 enables you to overtake other cars in an easier and safer way

1.5 / 2.0-DVVT Naturally Aspirated

powertrain aspirated


DVVT intake and exhaust variable valve timing technology is adopted

Through timing optimization of the distribution for the intake and exhaust camshafts, the operation of engine is improved in a wider speed range

The maximum power is 90KW, and the maximum torque at 4000 rpm is 180Nm.


More linear and smoother power output

Stable and reliable quality

An average fuel consumption of 7.4L/100 km, providing fuel economy and low costs


When you go for an outing or on a business trip, high fuel consumption will cause a lot of trouble if gas stations are limited in number and difficult to find. TIGGO 7 is equipped with a 57L large tank, combined with the low fuel consumption of 2.0L engine, thus offering a driving mileage of around 800 kilometers without concerns for fuels.


GETRAG 6-Speed Transverse Dry Dual Clutch Transmission


With a maximum input torque of 250Nm, it has Sport Mode, Eco Mode and Manual Mode available

It has adopted the second generation of clutch, with upgraded K2damper and new heat-resistant materials, thus providing better damping effect and heat resistance

Electromechanical dry clutch transmission system


This brings more direct power output, higher transmission efficiency, and quicker shifting response. The transmission is also smooth and clear-cut in gear shifting, with excellent fuel-efficiency and durability.


Have you ever thought of enjoying the different driving styles of multiple cars with the price of one? GETRAG is the largest independent transmission manufacturer in the world. You can switch between different driving modes offered by GETRAG according to your driving needs


Chery CVT transmission

Chery CVT Transmission, as the first continuously variable transmission (CVT) independently developed in China, has broken the monopoly of the multinational giants in automatic transmission industry. Compared with the traditional AT, the completely advanced technology enjoys unparalleled advantage in both driving comfort and fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, with lower cost than that of the imported traditional AT, it provides automatic transmission cars with super high cost efficiency to the domestic consumers. Due to smooth feature during operation of CVT, the car can ensure smoothness and comfort under any driving condition for more pleasant driving and riding experience.

Aisin 6MT


Efficient transmission: transmission efficiency up to 97.5%, 2.1% higher than 5MT

Exceptional gear-shifting: lowered shifting noises, reduced shifting force, and increased efficiency

Outstanding NVH performance and shift impulse: NVH has registered an increase of 5db compared with 5MT, and the impulse for shifting up and down is notably lower than 5MT

Reverse gear presynchronization: an effective solution to reverse gear shifting difficulties and gear seizure problem

Light weight


Superior gear shifting,strong drawing-in feel,comfortable operation,low noise,high efficiency and fuel economy


A transmission of poor quality always generates disturbing sounds during driving and also makes it hard to put into gear. The supplier of TIGGO 7, Aisin, is one of the top 5 transmission suppliers in the world, securing high quality, comfortable operation, low noise and excellent experience for you