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hightlights of modal Design for Your Road Ahead
hightlights of modal Enhanced driving comfort and a royal elegance
hightlights of modal PEPS + Engine Start/Stop System
hightlights of modal T1X Comfort Chassis
hightlights of modal Honeywell turbochargers

Intro video


exterior of asset
car exterior Matrix LED Headlight

The LED high and low beams adopt a multi-cavity reflective matrix, simple elegant, illuminating all.

car exterior Penetrating Beltline

The upper beltline is horizontal and square, traversing the side body, robust, epic, and triumphs against action by staying still. The two lower beltlines are round and dynamic, forming an accelerating atmosphere, dynamic and fashionable.

car exterior Large Panoramic Sunroof

The panoramic sunroof has a daylighting area of up to 1.13m², allowing users to enjoy the experience of looking up at the cosmos. One-touch ON/OFF/Warped, the glass anti-pinch design protects occupants from injury.

car exterior Penetrating Moire LED Taillight

The penetrating moire LED taillight is so designed that the blackened taillight matches the rhythmic light belt, reflecting the sporty and youthful nature of the vehicle.  


car interior
model interior Embracing Cabin

With luxurious and dynamic tech, the seat is designed with surround-wide schematics, luxurious quality and elegant interior. The horizontal integrated dashboard is symmetrical left and right, comfortable and elegant. The screens and knobs after zoning are easy to operate and upgrade.    

model interior Luxurious Interior Trim

Double stitched interiors, laser drawing trim panels are stylish and personalized, highlighting style and taste.    

model interior 4-way Adjustable Multipurpose Steering Wheel

Coated with delicate leather, the multipurpose steering wheel gives a better sense of grip and touch. Equipped with knobs of multiple functions such as A/V system and entertainment, color screen instrument page-turn, Bluetooth phone, cruise control and multiple language.    

model interior Electric Driver’s Seat

The electric 6-way and 4-way adjustable seats for the driver respectively gives you the perfect experience of combining comfort and technology.    


performnace upgrade
performance shown 1.5T engine

The 1.5T engine has the maximum power of 108KW, the maximum torque of 210 / 1750-4500rpm, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of only 6.8L.    

performance shown 6-speed CVT

CVT25 can be on a par with Aisin 6AT, and its maximum torque is 280N · m. The BOSCH steel belt improves the transmission efficiency to 92.5%, and saves 7% fuel.    

performance shown T1X Comfort Chassis

The T1X platform has better headroom for front and rear seats, and higher ground clearance. The approach and departure angles also ensure better off-road performance.    

performance shown Multi-link Suspension

Front McPherson independent suspension: it features precise steering, good traction, high reliability. Rear multi-link independent suspension: Most are used on premium models. It has better shock absorption and anti-roll, stable cornering, less body roll, and better comfort. High trafficability: 196mm minimum ground clearance, better trafficability.    


safety features
safety protocols Bosch ESP9.3

New digital pressure sensor: ESP9.3 uses a new digital pressure sensor. In relation to the analog pressure sensor for ESP9.1, the adjustment accuracy is increased by 33 times, and the dynamic body control is more delicate.

safety protocols High-strength Body

High-strength steels are present more than 60% in the alloy Multiple blocks of Bentler ultra-high strength thermal forming steels Yield strength ?500Mpa.he whole vehicle cover is made of galvanized steel plates

safety protocols Guard-ring 6 Airbags

The leading guard-ring type 6 airbags provide comprehensive and thoughtful protection. When danger occurs, it can reduce injuries to occupants in the vehicle. With an overlong side curtain airbag, the rear passengers can also be well protected.    

safety protocols TPMS

Each tire carries a tire pressure sensor, which displays tire pressure and temperature on the instrument via wireless radio frequency signals, effectively avoiding accidents.    


convenience chery
convenience 12-inch Full LCD Meter

The 12-Inch HD full-screen LCD instrument can interact with the central control screen. It can realize multimedia, communication, early warning, driving information, warning message, setting and other functions.    

convenience 8-inch A/C LCD Touch Screen

8 inch LCD touch screen, IML (In-Mold Labeling) process + capacitive touch screen + voice feedback + physical knob, and has the unique 8-inch intelligent A/C touch screen, as a scratch proof and dust-proof and waterproof, corrosion resistant, high-end luxury type.    

convenience 3D view

Panoramic image AVM

convenience Electric Folding Exterior Mirror

Electric adjuster: easy to adjust to the best perspective Electric heater: keep the glass dry and see through at any time Electric folding + automatic folding after locking: avoiding scratches


Comfort category Luxury category
Engine Type Turbo Turbo
Displacement 1.5 T 1.5 T
Cylinder 4 4
Comfort category Luxury category
Length × Width × Height (mm) 4500*1842*1746 4500*1842*1746
vehicle weight (kg) 1465 kg 1465 kg
Wheelbase (mm) 2670 mm 2670 mm
Type of transmission CVT25 CVT25
Driving Type FWD FWD
Horsepower (hp) 145 hp 145 hp
Max Power (Kw) 108 Kw 108 Kw
Max Torque (N·m) 210 N·m 210 N·m
Comfort category Luxury category
LED Headlamp Yes Yes
LED Taillight Yes Yes
Automatic Headlights No Yes
Automatic folding rearview mirror when locking car No Yes
18 inch rim Yes Yes
Electric tailgate No Yes
Comfort category Luxury category
6-way Driver's Seat Electric Adjustment No Yes
4-way Front Passenger Seat Manual Adjustment Yes Yes
Keyless Entry Yes Yes
5 seats (2+3) Yes Yes
Black interior color Yes No
Black and cream interior color No Yes
10-inch Central Control LCD Display Yes Yes
Comfort category Luxury category
Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Yes Yes
Electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD) Yes Yes
Brake Assist System (BAS) Yes Yes
Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) Yes Yes
Hill-Assist Control (HAC) Yes Yes
Hill Descent Control (HDC) Yes Yes
Comfort category Luxury category
Front-Row Double Airbags Yes Yes
Front-Row Side Airbags Yes Yes
Curtain Air Bags No Yes
TPMS Yes Yes
Comfort category Luxury category
Reversing Sensor Yes Yes
360 camera image No Yes
Remote Engine Start by Key Yes Yes
CCS (Cruise Control System) Yes Yes
Panoramic Sunroof No Yes