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As standard for an excellent car, every seam can evenly reach 0.1mm, rather than the smallest seam is 0.1 mm. Meisterbock & Cubing test method, emerged just in the recent years, is often applied to world-class technology of the joint venture cars. Meisterbock technology can ensure precision of the body structure and lay a foundation of fine appearance of the vehicle. Cubing technology matches and analyzes the car models, evaluates the seams, surface difference, appearance and other matching features, make seams of the exterior trimming parts very small and natural, and ensure flawlessness of the key details.

Chery applies Meisterbock and Cubing test methods to every Chery car. We have established a quite complete process, feed back the errors to the designers, and instruct the assembly process norms. The accurate measurement can ensure that part seam of every body module reaches 0.1mm of perfect matching. Even for the fine part not easily found by the common users, we also optimize the seams that fail to meet the target values to ensure overall evenness of each hidden seam and achieve consistent fineness of the vehicle.

By observing the vehicles in the shoes of the customers during development stage of a car, we can bring the most excellent sensual quality to the consumers. Trustworthy quality comes from constant polishing of every detail. Trust is near at hand.

Kinematics & Compliance
Test Lab

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The world-class K&C Lab introduced from the United States can imitate steering, braking, acceleration, side rolling and other motions and make accurate test for the chassis steering system and suspension system through one imitation equipment in consideration of the local road conditions. As a result, its chassis operation stability can be compared with the similar joint venture brands. The chassis adjustment devices worth of as high as 25 million yuan aim only to provide high stable operation to every consumer.

Development of every new car shall go through about 20 tests, far more than the 4-5 times in line with the industrial standard, and take as much as 48 hours for the process.

Trustworthy quality is born exclusively for local road conditions rather than as blindly internationalization to ensure that the product leisurely responds to all road conditions.

Test Lab

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Founded in July 2010, C&S Lab covers an area of 32,000 square meter as the largest laboratories in Asia. The laboratory, equipped with advanced test system, can conduct test according to Chinese, European and North America as well as CNCAP of China and EURO N CAP of Europe.

Here, all kinds of crash tests are conducted every day to imitate all kinds of possible traffic accidents of the users during actual driving. With Arrizo 7 as an example, over 50 crash tests had been conducted before launching of the product to the market to ensure conformity with the five-star safety standard. Since its founding, the Lab has conducted over 2,000 tests of all kinds.

To safety R&D team of Chery, it is a commitment to choose development based on safety performance. Trustworthy quality aims at not only development based on standards but that based on safety of the customers. Trust is strong only in mind.

Test Lab

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NVH performance is a key indicator of driving comfort and one of the key evidences to judge auto quality.Chery NVH laboratory, composed of 8 top branches, can rank the first both in China and Asia both in space and size. Every new car shall go through repeated test and improvement by over 100 engineers, who try to find noise from over 3,000 parts. Much trial, correction and test are conducted to reach quiet effect of 38dB as better than the joint venture brands and maintain the 38dB within 3-5 years for a car.

NVH test aims at harmony and balance rather than just reduction of vibration and noise. It tries to muffle the awful noise caused by wind and air-conditioning for every occupant of Chery car in its entire driving space for more excellent experience of quietness and enjoyment of listening during driving.